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The powerhouse approach: Data integration and migration made simple through partnerships and pharma expertise

Shifting to a unified cloud-based platform like Veeva requires proper tools and in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry, if the process is to reach its optimal outcome. Through years of experience in life sciences as well as partnerships, NNIT Veeva Powerhouse can ensure your business a smooth transition.


Moving from aging, silo-based legacy systems to the unified cloud-based platform Veeva, can – depending on your current infrastructure, choice of applications and storage-solutions for important documents – prove quite a challenge.

To counteract the complexity, NNIT has created NNIT Veeva Powerhouse. We are a full service Veeva partner, which not only offers Integration as a Service (IaaS) to bridge the gap between legacy and cloud, but also safe and compliant migration and validation of your data through migration specialists.

Migration done right

To secure proper and compliant migration and validation of the client’s data, NNIT enlists the capabilities of Valiance, an NNIT Group Company. With a track record of over 500 migrations for 100+ clients globally, Valiance brings the most proven GxP migration software and methodology to the table.

Valiance’s TRUseries of migration tools ensures clients complete compliance, when migrating their data. With connectors designated more than 90 of the most widely utilized standard systems (including API’s, databases etc.) in life sciences, Valiance can commence migration of data, regardless of the legacy systems at hand. Subsequently, TRUcompare will step in and validate said data, ensuring your organization the needed documentation for compliance.

Integration is never a one-off

Offering IaaS (Integration as a Service) isn’t something NNIT has created “just” for Veeva solutions, but a core competence driven by years of experience as a part of the life sciences industry. 

Our subject matter experts are familiarized with the various applications and systems used by life sciences companies as well as the GxP requirements – and have thus created an extensive portfolio of standardized, ready-to-use accelerators. As a result, we can effectively help you integrate processes and data from your existing systems and applications into the Veeva Vault applications.

In short, integration of your company’s chosen Veeva applications; be it RIMS, quality management or clinical functions; will run through an integration platform set up by NNIT Veeva Powerhouse. Having performed this exercise several times over in other life sciences companies, we know the kinks that arise, when handling the applications of the life sciences sector and how to ensure proper implementation. NNIT Veeva Powerhouse has developed several accelerators for integration on different platforms, to speed up integration efforts in the implementation projects.

Support after the fact

Teaming up with NNIT Veeva Powerhouse also ensures your organization access to ongoing assistance, when the need for further integration arises. For the majority of clients, integrating and migrating all applications and processes at once isn’t an option.
We’ll help you establish an integration roadmap, which ensures that all your applications and systems – new as well as legacy – will have access to all the required information throughout the transition period.

A powerhouse for all occasions

Making the shift from life sciences legacy towards a unified platform like Veeva, not only requires technical knowhow when it comes to integration, migration and the validation of those processes. It also requires the necessary business insight into the life sciences industry to identify errors in both processes and data, while simultaneously being able to correct and avoid similar issues going forward. This is what NNIT Veeva Powerhouse brings to the table.

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