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GxP infrastructure outsourcing

Turning to outsourcing for your GxP infrastructure needs is not just about cutting costs. It’s about embracing digital transformation and setting your organization free to achieve more.

As a life sciences company, both your company and your IT organization face quite a lot of challenges. Not only are you under continuous pressure to cut costs, while at the same time adapting to emerging technologies. You are also expected to support new business models and demands, develop new skills, and of course, deal with exploding data.

When also taking GxP requirements into account, the tasks at hand does not become less daunting.

To keep up with the increasing demands, life sciences businesses need to take their digital transformation seriously and rethink the need for IT, which has become a vital element in all parts of the life sciences industry – from research and production to marketing. Outsourcing your GxP infrastructure is a great way to make the goal of supporting new business models become a reality – by freeing up valuable resources for digital innovation.

A wide selection

At NNIT we combine the power of life sciences experience, infrastructure expertise and GxP regulatory knowledge to deliver infrastructure outsourcing services that meet your challenges and spur new levels of growth.

We provide a wide selection in outsourcing offerings as well as the ability to meet the demands of the life sciences customers. This is also the reason why NNIT in 2018 has been named a Major Contender in the digital service provider landscape for life sciences companies by the acknowledged consulting and research firm Everest Group.

Delivery to match expectations

With our infrastructure outsourcing services, clients can expect a continuous renewal of technology made available. Furthermore, we aim to deliver superior data quality, accuracy and security as well as compliant infrastructure from a provider that understands GxP.

NNIT is flexible. We offer you a choice of cloud based or traditional hosting services in our data center, which has achieved the full Tier III-certification by the internationally acknowledged Uptime Institute. Or you can opt for remote management of your infrastructure whether it is housed in your own data center, or in a third-party data center.  

NNIT’s infrastructure outsourcing will deliver the benefits of scalability, flexibility and availability to meet your business needs.




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Helping life sciences enterprises manage their regulated applicationshttp://www.nnit.dk/Life-Sciences/gxp-outsourcing/Sider/life-sciences-applications.aspxHelping life sciences enterprises manage their regulated applications
NNIT positioned as a Major Contender by Everest Grouphttp://www.nnit.dk/OfferingsAndArticles/Sider/NNIT-Everest-Group.aspxNNIT positioned as a Major Contender by Everest Group