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Helping life sciences enterprises manage their regulated applications

The ever-increasing compliance requirements in recent years have placed life sciences companies in front of a quite daunting task; How to stay compliant while also taking advantage of the new possibilities in technology brought forth by the digital transformation. The ability to merge these two paradigms is, however, what NNIT excels in. 

With our heritage spanning more than two decades of working with and within the life sciences industry, we at NNIT are well-aware of the demands facing the business activities and functions of our clients. Clients, who are working to utilize new technologies across the pharma value chain.

Compliance, cost reductions, performance improvements or …

Whether the objective is to ensure complete compliance through everyday mission-critical GxP applications or to keep your business up to speed with non GxP life sciences applications – we support the full spectrum of your application needs.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry needs to improve performance and reduce costs by digitalization. That is why NNIT’s solutions are fine-tuned to liberate data, optimize innovation and bring costs down. We use proven software and technology standards from Veeva, DELL/EMC, OpenText, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, and HP, and also custom-built applications, which are tailored to meet the clients’ exact needs.

SaaS ensures continued Business Improvements

More and more applications are shifting towards a SaaS deployment-model. This means, that companies can reap the benefits of continuous software improvements without having to actually own their applications. However there are in most cases still legacy applications that need management as well. NNIT can help you keep your legacy applications running while simultaneously transforming them into a modern cloud solution managed by NNIT.

At NNIT we have a profound technical and functional knowledge of the life sciences industry. This shows in our SaaS services where you will get access to both deep technical competencies and a functional knowledge and understanding of your business area.

By using cross functional teams, we offer to not only deliver reliable and relevant IT services, but also to collaborate with you to ensure an innovative IT landscape characterized by continues business improvements in your organization. Thus we can build a bridge between existing legacy systems and modern GxP compliant cloud solutions.

Combining SaaS with GxP infrastructure

We combine our SaaS services with infrastructural services such as integration and orchestration of Cloud infrastructure both as Cloud to Cloud and as Cloud to On-premise – always built around GxP standards and best practices, which lets you keep pace with your business while ensuring complete ongoing compliance. 

That is why clients have entrusted us with the running and managing of their day to day life sciences applications.

It is also the reason why the internationally acknowledged consulting and research firm Everest Group has positioned NNIT as a Major Contender in the digital service provider landscape for life sciences companies in 2018.






Søren Svarrer Nielsen+45 30790282ssvn@nnit.comVice Presidenthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/s%C3%B8ren-svarrer-nielsen-467691/?ppe=1Søren Svarrer Nielsen



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