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A business accelerator for the life sciences industry

Let technology-driven Quality Management become your path to winning market shares. Automated and continuous testing, paperless validation and validation life cycle management supports a winning strategy.

A new priority: Meeting end-user expectations

User experience has become the key to winning market shares in the life sciences industry. It is no longer enough to develop effective products. Today’s consumers expect a good user experience across all platforms and touchpoints that fit their digital lifestyle. So, the best treatment also needs to be the best experience for the end-user.

The challenge is that most existing QA systems are built for analogue processes established more than 15 years ago. This outdated way of working does not match the digital reality. Far too much time and effort are spent on manual processes – resources that could be used on value-adding activities and business development.

The solution: Automate and accelerate QA with IntelligentQA

At NNIT, we have created IntelligentQA (iQA), a digital Quality Management platform for both regulated and non-regulated industries. This offering combines cutting-edge technologies with deep domain knowledge and extensive experience from regulated industries. iQA addresses the need for Continuous Testing in DevOps, easy and fast ROI Test Automation, Digital Validation Lifecycle Management (VLMS), Paperless Validation and Continuous Validation and any combination of these iQA will continuously aim ad identifying future technologies that supports digitally driver QM in a more intelligent way.

How it works: Reduce testing and validation efforts by up to 50%

With iQA, life sciences companies will be able to effectively reduce their manual testing and validation efforts by as much as 50%.

Moving the manual, time-consuming QA processes to a digital platform enables a much more efficient mapping and interconnected use of data such as requirements and test cases. Coupled with automated and continuous testing, executed as soon as new information enters the system, and seamless transfer of the relevant documentation, Quality Management is transformed from a nuisance to a business driver.  

Thanks to automated testing, the time to run tests can be reduced from 50 minutes to just 2 minutes in some cases – all handled by iQA. This greatly increased efficiency is a key component to realizing the benefits from DevOps. And with iQA serving as a fully digital Validation Life Cycle Management System, handling of documents, technical specifications and approvals has never been easier.  

Key features of IntelligentQA:

• Automated Testing
• Continuous Testing
• Test Management for Life sciences
• Continuous Validation
• Paperless Validation
• Validation Life Cycle Management

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Test Management for Life Sciences (TMLS)

Speed up testing and improve quality

Test Management for Life Science (TMLS) is a market leading Test and Requirements Management Application supported and hosted by NNIT. 

TMLS is designed and validated by NNIT for use in life science companies. 

TMLS is built on Micro Focus ALM and includes an integrated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eSignature functionality. 

TMLS has an optional integrated Automation – enabling more tests with less effort – saving time and ensuring constant high quality.

Challenges to beat

  • Manual paperbased testing

  • Overrun of testhours 

  • Lack of test control / compliance 

  • Budget overruns on quality activities 

  • Lack of realizing benefits of testing 

  • Lack of control and quality when test done from several locations/countries

TMLS - Key functionality 

  • Creation, review, and approval of specifications, test protocols, test cases, test reports and defects

  • Email notifications for approval tasks 

  • Asset Sharing: Enables users to manage approval of more than one e.g. test set at one time 

  • Requirements management 

  • Cross project reporting, planning and tracking

  • Reports: Fast and easy generation of inspection ready reports

  • Highly configureable approval work flow


  • MicroFocus ALM

  • Tx3 e-signature 

  • LeapWork Automation


  • Customized template designed for customer processes 

  • Integrated Automation - Optional 

NNIT Capabilities 

  • 30+ Test experts

  • 10+ Automation experts


  • Reduced time and cost of test planning and execution 

  • Automation option - do more with less effort - with constant high quality 

  • Access to skilled test experts

  • Access to market best practices on testing 

  • Access to newest innovations on testing

  • Flexible license management to fit business project demands

  • Dedicated Application Manager and support team 



Michael Clausen+45 3077 9120mccs@nnit.comAssociate Vice Presidenthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelclausen1975/?originalSubdomain=dkMichael Clausen



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