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IDMP Accelerators

To ensure you a smooth implementation of your IDMP solution, we have developed a set of accelerators based on standard technologies from our partners:​

CV Management - Management of controlled vocabularies

  • Subscription to notification capabilities (REST/JSON)
  • Management of CV mappings across regions and organizations
  • Retrieval of the CV data from the health authorities (REST/JSON)
  • CV terms version management
  • Configurable to maintain CV terms defined in-house or by the health authorities


ISO IDMP Physical Data Model

  • Data model transformations to automatically prepare the PDM for various RDBMS systems
  • Flexible IDMP data model to allow additional data domains to match the customer’s need
  • Modern and intuitive user interface which allow various end-users to manage IDMP data model
  • Role based access rights configuration
  • Presents the technical intricacies in IDMP in a RA business perspective


Data Quality and transformations

  • Founded on our defined ISO IDMP Data Quality rules that help our customers achieve compliance
  • Continuous data quality analysis and
  • Performs automatic data transformation to elevate IDMP related source data
  • Identify uncorrected misalignments and forward these for remediation by a data steward
  • Show DQ metrics of any source system
  • Provide quick overview of the DQ of the overall IDMP data


Workflows to guide collaboration

  • Consists of a set of standard workflows defined to be configured across a multitude of technology platforms
  • Flexible workflows defined to inspire and accelerate the adoption of a best practice during data remediation
  • Workflows to conduct peer reviews, data change approval, CV management, etc.
  • Incorporated capabilities to comply with the need for electronic signature


Manage IDMP data through a UI

  • Interconnected to the collaboration workflow accelerator
  • Provides a UI for the insertion or redaction of IDMP data
  • Entry point of unstructured IDMP data
  • Essential to fill in the data gaps and achieve data completeness
  • Provides data entry capabilities under the remediation processes


Data extraction  

  • NNIT Document Digitalization Service
  • High quality data extraction from documents
  • Enabling fast and reliable structuring of regulated specific information
  • Building on corporate onthologies and data automation (machine learning)



Article written: February 2017




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