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Organizational Change Management for ISO IDMP leveraging the mutual industry challenges

​​​The enforcement of ISO IDMP creates mutual challenges for the entire life sciences industry with regard to Organizational Change Management (OCM) 

To meet these challenges we have created an off-the-shelf awareness package. In the analysis phase, all IDMP Programs are in the need of

  • Establishment of high level management sponsorship and funding
  • Ensuring middle management commitment and resource allocation
  • On-boarding of a key stakeholder to provide knowledge for the analysis phase.

To ensure this on-boarding, a communication and training effort is needed. The obstacle is that ISO IDMP is not an easy topic to communicate. The programs are often too stressed to prioritize the task. The communication and training effort often ends up being more firefighting than strategic communication.

NNIT’S solution

NNIT offers a solid OCM awareness concept tailored to ISO IDMP. The key advantages of the package are Speed and High quality at a Low cost:

  • Speed! Ability to execute awareness communication and training without affecting the program timeline. Ready to use as-is without any customization.
  • High quality at a Low cost! Ability to obtain a high quality OCM concept based on hundreds of expert hours at a fraction of the invested NNIT cost due to reuse.

The awareness concept is created to fit all organizations in their analysis phase. The concept can be bought without any modifications at the cost stated below or with an addition of a small number of hours from an OCM expert to create minor modifications that will give the material the flavor of your own organization.







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