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The sweet spot

NNIT was born of life sciences. We grew into IT. Today, NNIT works with a large portfolio of life science clients as a trusted provider of regulated IT.

​​​​​​​​We’re doing much more than IDMP and CDMS. We’re solving a spectrum of life science challenges around the world. We do this by operating in a sweet spot where life science domain experts, IT specialists and management consultants meet and amplify each other’s strengths. We are not discovering the next big pharma miracle – but we are designing and delivering the frameworks that make it possible.

And we’re looking for talented colleagues to join our team.

A little about you...

You might be anchored in life sciences, IT or management consulting. But you're looking to move closer to the sweet spot where these three spheres meet.

You enjoy working in agile teams and with short decision paths. You work well in a culture with room for independent thinking and individual responsibility. You appreciate well-established processes and procedures, challenging tasks, a good social climate and international colleagues.

You value opportunities for learning and professional development, flexible working conditions, and a great deal of influence in choosing the clients and roles that are best for you.

A little about us…

We are passionate people moving forward. We're goal-oriented team players, experts in different domains who see eye-to-eye and add value to our clients' operations at many touch points. We're motivated to use our deep knowledge of and experience with IT for life sciences to improve the lives of patients around the world.  

Make your mark in IT for life sciences!

We're always looking for IT for life science profiles. Please see our vacancies page for the full list 



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​Currently, NNIT has five life science focus offerings: IDMP, ICE, eTMF, GInAS, ATTP.

See our life science pages for more information





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