Lars Bo Jannik Bjerrum


A good match for an open and honest guy

The focus on IT for life sciences, the informal atmosphere, and how well the company values reflect my own personal values attracted me to NNIT. I am basically an open and honest guy, and when I graduated it was important for me to find a workplace to match that.

Now as I spend my workweek at NNIT as a junior consultant, I am impressed by the actual openness from everyone I meet. Even though it is a big company spread across multiple locations globally, it is always easy to reach out to one another and work together as a team.

The power of a strong network
Your colleagues become your friends which to me is very inspiring. You feel that you are a part of something bigger.

Moving into unknown territory

When I graduated as chemical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), I thought I knew what I wanted in my work life. But I decided to challenge myself. Now I am trying out different types of roles through the NNIT Graduate Program before finally deciding on my future path.

I have worked as a developer in our Microsoft Innovation and Transformation unit, where I was part of a small and very focused team. I have tried out the role as enterprise architect where I got a broader picture of how to operate in a fast-moving IT company. In my final graduate module, I’ll take on the challenge as application manager moving back into the Microsoft Innovation and Transformation unit where we work on many interesting customers, projects and systems.

All in all three very different roles and perspectives on what I can and would like to do with my future.