Nadia Sara Adjal


Shape your own career

If you are passionate about something, you can shape your own career. Today I am part of the Life Sciences Advisory department at NNIT, where I enjoy how varied my tasks are.

Half of my time I am working for a German pharmaceutical company, working strategically and supporting day to day work in the lab. The other half of my time I work with pre-sales activities and offering development for the laboratory, which includes attending conferences, writing articles and conducting webinars.

I thrive here, where I can use more of my skills, not just a small part. I learn so much, and I don't do the same every single day. I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.


First NNIT graduate in Life Science

Before I started in NNIT, I completed a BSc. in Applied Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark and a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Design & Engineering. I realized that I was particularly drawn to the pharmaceutical industry and wanted to learn more about it, to be part of it and to make a difference.

When I saw the ad about the Graduate Program at NNIT, I didn't fit the requirements as they were only looking for candidates with a background in Business or IT. So, I called HR and told them about myself. In the end, I became the first NNIT graduate in the Life Science unit and the Graduate Program was updated the following year to include Life Science candidates as well.


Social atmosphere, network and friendship

Today I am working in a diverse, international environment. My colleagues come from a variety of backgrounds, one has studied philosophy, another human biology, etc.

I have been a mentor for newcomers a couple of times. I prioritize to support them where I can and to involve them in my work. I have been there myself, so I know what it is like to be new.

I enjoy going to social events at NNIT like the Friday bar, Summer party and kick-off meetings. I also meet colleagues outside work for a beer or a coffee and catch up. Once I even travelled with colleagues to attend another colleague's wedding in the Czech Republic, which was a great experience.